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Welcome To Keyple Health

We are an organization created by healthcare professionals (not recruiters) sourcing and placing highly qualified talent where you need them most. Our industry knowledge makes us relatable, giving us the advantage of building long-lasting relationships through
meaningful connections with clients and candidates. At Keyple Health, we know it’s your people that hold the
key to unlocking your organization’s true potential. Let our team of experts help you find them.


Our Services

Placement Service

Whether you require permanent or temporary staffing– in response to census fluctuations, contractual high-volume needs, hard-to-fill roles, special projects, and sudden emergencies– you can trust Keyple to match the right professionals with your specific workforce needs.

Recruiting Service

Keyple recruits qualified healthcare professionals from all over the country. We service areas including: Allied, Biotech, Healthcare Workforce, Home Care, Emergency Response, Education, Mental Health, and more. Each healthcare professional is prescreened and matched to your qualifications– for assignments ranging from multiple weeks up to several months. We assist with onboarding, licensing, and dedicated account management.


Our Process

At Keyple, we have developed a fine-tuned process for supplying flexible talent in the healthcare space.

01Keyple engage

The Keyple sourcing and attraction methodology is geared to go beyond job boards and active candidates. Our network consists of a rich and diverse professional culture that has been carefully developed over time and obsessively curated through consistent interaction and multiple touchpoints.

02Keyple Match

Making a meaningful match for our client companies requires appropriate talent to be adequately screened, thoroughly informed, as well as mentally aligned and prepared for the work assignment. We've merged our industry knowledge with best recruiting practices and the latest research outcomes in the field of human psychology to produce a refined process yielding consistently positive results.

03Keyple Meet

A large part of Keyple’s value proposition is interview management. Brokering the interview process requires multiple touchpoints and precise organization. Keyple candidates are given the necessary preparation to make the best use of your time.

04Keyple Check

Background validation is an essential component for making good hires. According to the client and the requirements of the work, background screening may entail confirming past employment, examining criminal records, drug screens, references checks, credit reports, and more.

05Keyple Offer

The offer process can be complex and can often involve numerous external factors and motivations. At Keyple, we ensure that it gets handled the right way, so that we can deliver the talent you need the first time.

06Keyple Pay

Upon successful offer and acceptance of your job assignment, Keyple talent is confirmed and briefed on compliance matters, as well as setup in the Keyple Pay system.

07Keyple Start

The Keyple orientation for new assignments uses a methodology that combines client-specific procedures and guidelines, as well as Keyple’s standard field preparation, safety training and onboarding protocol.


Our Value


Industry Insiders

Keyple is operated by healthcare professionals and Keyple Career Coaches have industry backgrounds. We have the ability to understand complex hiring challenges from the inside.


Network Effects

Our network of healthcare professionals is carefully developed and curated. Our narrow specialty and regional boundary enables us to harness the power of ‘network effects’.


Data & Technology

We are an organization of ‘data nerds’ that get a thrill from innovating the sourcing process. The evolution of the healthcare talent market requires us to transcend standard practices.


Proprietary Process

We assess beyond what’s on paper– by developing and leveraging emergent and refined techniques for identifying and attracting the right fit.


OUR Client Feedback

As any business owner can understand, it’s difficult trying to find top talent that is committed, qualified, and has all of the other attributes I’m looking for in today’s environment. Finding Keyple was a game changer because they do the legwork for me and present me with quality people that are always up to snuff. Not only do the people they send check all of the boxes I’m looking for, but they genuinely are happier and more professional than candidates other companies have sent. Whatever Keyple is doing they’re doing it right, and I’m glad to have a relationship with them.

Gianna D.

Founder/CEO Health & Wellness Organization – CA

Keyple brings a unique concept to the recruiting and staffing industry. As healthcare professionals themselves, they understood our needs and were able to expedite talent to us within days! Not only did we fully staff our unit floor but we found a nurse leader in the pool of talent they sent to us. This saved us a ton of time, money, and resources we would have
otherwise spent.

Sheryl D.

Chief Nursing Officer Specialty Hospital & Medical Center – TX

About Us

With decades of expertise and insight, Keyple Health offers workforce solutions including consulting services and fully cycle recruiting to
meet your staffing needs. Our aim is to help healthcare facilities successfully reduce staffing complexities, increase overall
efficiency and ultimately improve patient outcomes. We partner to fill full time, part time, contract, per-diem, and more.